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The Massachusetts Society Of Optometrists Is YOUR Professional Association.

We seek to enhance and advance the optometric profession through a wide variety of activities.  Members of the Massachusetts Society of Optometrists and the American Optometric Association speak your language, share a common bond and a loyalty to the optometric profession. When you're an association member, you're part of our family - the family of optometry.

Membership in the AOA and and the MSO provides professional and personal benefits to help you grow your practice through:

  • Advocacy
  • Practice Efficiency
  • Practice Growth
  • Networking

How the MSO Advocates for the Profession of Optometry in Massachusetts:

  • Files legislation to:  
    • 1) expand the scope of practice
    • 2) enhance patient care
    • 3) advocate for fair treatment from third-party insurers.
  • Meets with representatives from third party insurers, including MassHealth and commercial plans.
  • Meets with legislators and state government administration to make optometry's voice heard in the healthcare industry. 
  • Works with the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Optometry to enhance patient and consumer safety.

Additional Benefits:

  • Member discounts on health and dental services.
  • Extensive continuing education events, a minimum of 18 hours, at a deep discount for members.
  • Timely optometric news and MSO News via monthly newsletters and eUpdates.
  • Exclusive discounts of ophthalmic goods through our partnership with Pearlman Buying Group.
  • Access to the MSO attorney on retainer.

Optometry is a legislated profession. The MSO monitors activity at both the State House and at various regulatory bodies. Your membership helps the MSO protect your patients and livelihood at this level.

Read more about the extensive benefits of being a member of the American Optometric Association and Massachusetts Society of Optometrists here:  https://www.aoa.org/aoa-plus/membership

Dues Information

The MSO offers members many different dues classifications. Members within the first 10 years of original licensure receive a discounted rate. In addition, the MSO offers partial-practice dues discounts to optometrists who may not practice full-time. Please call us for details at 508-875-7900 or email  info@maoptometry.org.

1. LIFE Members - You will see an OPTIONAL $99 fee to help defray the continued costs of your membership. We want to thank you in advance for paying this amount should you choose to do so.

2. Partial Practice - We currently offer a partial practice rate for those who do not work full time but still wish to maintain their MSO/AOA membership. Please contact us at info@maoptometry.org and let us know how many hours a week you work. We can then let you know what your MSO/AOA dues would be.

3. Financial Hardship - If you are currently experiencing a financial hardship but would like to continue your membership, please contact us at info@maoptometry.org. The MSO/AOA will work with you during this difficult time to help ease the burden.

4. The MSO will assess a $50 per year administration fee for paying dues over time. If dues are paid in full the $50 fee is waived. The fee will not be assessed until January 31, 2024. Therefore if you are paying your dues in full submit the entire balance on your statement and have it reach us by January 31, 2024.

5. The MSO will keep all dues classifications unchanged for 2024. There are no increases in dues from the MSO or the AOA.

6. The MSO will accept checks for full year payments only, otherwise payment must be made via debit or credit cards.

7. Please notify the MSO office in writing, no later than January 31, 2024 if your dues classification has changed for 2024.

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