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Congratulations! As you embark on your career as a doctor of optometry, the Mass. Society of Optometrists and American Optometric Association are here for you, providing you with the information, advocacy, and resources you need for professional success.

But first things first:  You need a license. We're here to help. Review this checklist to make sure you have everything you need lined up to begin practicing optometry in the great state of Massachusetts. 

1.  Download an application from Professional Credential Services' (PCS) website at

2.  Request an official copy of your college transcript to be sent according to PCS directions.

3.  Fill out application from Professional Credential Services and make sure you have the necessary materials and fee enclosed.

4.  They will then notify you when they have scheduled your jurisprudence examination.  Review important information for this exam here.

5.  After you take the jurisprudence exam (consists of 25 multiple choice questions), you should receive a letter with your license number in the mail.  This will allow you to practice optometry in Massachusetts and prescribe glasses and contact lenses.  To prescribe medications you need to apply for controlled substance registration.
6.  Once you have your license number you can apply for Massachusetts Controlled Substances Registration.  Download an application here, and send it in with the mentioned fee.  Access an FAQ on this process here. A Massachusetts Controlled Substance Registration for Optometrists can only be issued if you have your OD licensure first. 

  1. Receive OD licensure from Board of Optometry
  2. Apply for MCSR by mail - application is here:
  3. Complete applications are reviewed, processed, and the Optometrist MCSR is issued and mailed within 7-10 business days.

There is no exam. But applicants should, when applying for their MCSR, be sure to include a copy of their OD licensure (or approval letter from the Board).
Please see the Optometrist MCSR FAQ document in the link below for additional information.
7. Apply for an NPI number here: You will need this number to enroll as a Medicare provider and on private insurance plans.
8. Apply to be a Medicare Provider through Medicare's PECOS System: Please review the application carefully and call the number on the application if you have ANY questions. Any mistakes on the application may cause significant delays.
9. Enroll as a MassHealth Provider here:
10. Sign up for Malpractice insurance. Contact Optometric Protector Plan at (888-297-5230) or head to AOA Excel to explore options.

11. MassPAT Registration: Formerly known as the Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP)
State law requires that all Massachusetts prescribers query the state Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) database prior to every prescription for a Schedule II or III narcotic medication or a benzodiazepine.
Need help, please call or email.

Tel: 800-322-2303 ext. 7702

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