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AECC/Pearlman Buying Group, LLC is one of the oldest and most respected buying groups in the country with approximately 1,000 active customers. We are profitable, financially stable, and debt free. Pearlman is owned and operated by Dean Yimoyines who is a retinal surgeon. He started his practice in 1978 with his brother, John, who is an optometrist. Together they founded one of the country's largest, vertically integrated, 3-O practices that has eighteen locations, two surgery centers, and a full-service surfacing facility.  

Dean is well aware of the unique problems eye care practitioners face in this ever increasingly complicated and competitive environment and encourages each of you to call him with any questions you may have regarding your practice or particular situation. He is especially interested in hearing about particular products or services that Pearlman can provide to increase our service level to you.  

  • Pearlman has over 20 years of buying group experience.
  • Our members receive one, easy-to-read, detailed statement for all purchases. In addition, you can speak to a customer service representative who can answer any questions regarding your statement.
  • Members are not charged any membership fees
  • Our goal is to offer our members quality service by providing the following:
    • Friendly, well-trained customer service representatives
    • Accurate billing
    • Timely responses to statement inquiries  

Pearlman will be working with the MSO to help you lower your cost of goods and to develop other programs that will enable you to practice more efficiently and more profitably

Vendor Partner Discount List

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