Dues Information

Dues Information

The MSO offers members many different dues classifications. Members within the first 10 years of original licensure receive a discounted rate. In addition, the MSO offers partial-practice dues discounts to optometrists who may not practice full-time. Please call us for details at 508-875-7900 or email info@maoptometry.org.

1. LIFE Members - You will see an OPTIONAL $99 fee to help defray the continued costs of your membership. We want to thank you in advance for paying this amount should you choose to do so.

2. The MSO will assess a $50 per year administration fee for paying dues over time. If dues are paid in full the $50 fee is waived. The fee will not be assessed until January 31, 2022. Therefore if you are paying your dues in full submit the entire balance on your statement and have it reach us by January 31, 2022

3. The MSO will keep all dues classifications unchanged for 2022.There are no increases in dues from the MSO or the AOA.

4. The MSO will accept checks for full year payments only, otherwise payment must be made via debit or credit cards.

5. Please notify the MSO office in writing, no later than January 31, 2022 if your dues classification has changed for 2022.

Year Originally Licensed As An OD
AOA & MSO Total Dues
Quarterly Dues
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