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The Massachusetts Optometric Political Action Committee (MOPAC) solicits contributions from individuals, mostly optometrists, for the purpose of supporting legislative efforts in Massachusetts. MOPAC was formed by optometrists and is dedicated to advancing the availability and quality of eye care and ensuring the continued enhancement of the optometric profession through legislation.

MOPAC fights and wins for optometry and for the people of Massachusetts. It is the only political action committee working to support, elect, and re-elect pro-optometry candidates in the Massachusetts Senate and House.

MOPAC adheres to state laws pertaining to PACs. As such, MOPAC can only accept contributions made from personal checking accounts or personal credit cards. No corporate checks or corporate credit card contributions are accepted.  

As a citizen of Massachusetts, you may donate up to $500 annually to a PAC(MOPAC) and up to $1000 to an individual candidate.    

Donations to MOPAC:  

Set up a recurring donation MOPAC depends on a consistent support of MSO members to make our voices heard on Beacon Hill.  MOPAC is 24/7/365 and being able to count on consistent resources helps Optometry stay in the conversation at the State House. Please consider supporting us on an annual, quarterly, or monthly basis. This is the most efficient and hassle-free way to support the advancement of Optometry. Please Contact us to set up a recurring donation.

Make a one-time donation We cannot continue to go into high stakes advocacy battles without your support. Your onetime contribution will help us continue to support candidates that support you and the patients you serve. We're counting on you to step up for the profession.

Instructions to Donate:

  1. For a one-time donation by credit card: Click the Donate Button at the top of the page and follow the prompts to pay by personal credit card
  2. For recurring donations: Contact the MSO office to make a recurring donation, either monthly or quarterly by personal credit card
  3. For payment by personal check: Download, Print and complete the form below to mail in a personal check.

General criteria

  • Except in unusual circumstances, contributions will not be made to more than one candidate in any given election.
  • Except in unusual circumstances, contributions will not be made to candidates involved in primary races.
  • All contributions made to candidates for Massachusetts elective office are made with the support of politically active doctors of optometry within the state.
  • All contributions will be sent to a Keyperson in the district to present to the candidate.
  • Candidates must be credible and competitive.

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